“Danny and Dougie are still in bed. You know I caught them last night, have you seenThe Notebook? Well, it’s a good film, but it’s renowned to be like the girliest movie ever. It’s not a movie that you’d watch with your guy friends. So anyway, last night I’d gone to bed, and I heard the TV on, and it was quite loud. So I walked out on to the balcony, and it’s Danny and Dougie sitting on the sofa, and they’re watching The Notebook. But they’re like into it. And Danny never likes films, but he’s watching it and it’s a tearjerker, a really sad film. And he’s like ‘Oh no, oh no, I can’t believe it… Is that really happening? That’s so sad!’ And at the end he’s like, ‘Oh no, I’ve got tingles, I’m nearly crying!’ And he didn’t know I was listening to him. And at the end, ‘cause in the movie, the guy builds a house as a present for a woman, and Danny goes, ‘Dougie, I want a house like that. Dougie, me and you could live on a lake in a big white house.’ So anyway, this morning at about six o’clock, I get woken up by them, and I’m thinking ‘what are they doing up at six?’ So, I walk into Dougie’s room, and they’re both in bed – in Dougie’s bed – and I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’ And they go, ‘Mate, we just got into bed. That film was amazing.’ I mean, they’re both in bed with each other, after watching The Notebook and I’m like what are you doing you Idiots?!” - Tom talking about Danny and Dougie watching The Notebook

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