Oh, can you take care of her
Oh, maybe you can spare her.
Several movements of your consideration
Leading up to the final destination.
Oh, the earth is calling out
I wanna learn what its all about
But everything i reads
Global Warming, Going Green.
I don't know what all this means
But it seems to be saying.

 Wake up America!
We're all in this together
It's our home, so lets take care of it.
You know that you want to
You know that you got to
Wake up America!
Tomorrow becomes a new day
And everything you do matters
Yeah, everythign you do matters in some way.

Stand up, I'll try if you will
Wake up, It's not a fire drill
All she needs is a little attention
Can you give her a little attention??
Oh, its easy to look away
But it gets harder day-by-day.
Cause everything i read's
Global Warming, Going Green
I dont know what all this mean
But it seems to be saying.

I know that you dont want to hear this
Especially coming from someone so young
But in the backseat they want to hear it.
So come on...

wake up America - Miley Cyrus

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